Biography of Japanese Painter

Nakabayashi Chikutoh (1776 - 1853)

Nanga style painter at the latter part of the Edo period.
Chikutoh was born in Nagoya of Owari Province as a son of a doctor.
First, he studied painting under Yamada Miyatsune.
Chikutoh was patronized by Kamiya Tenyu, business tycoon in Nagoya.
Yamamoto Baiitsu was also patronized by him.
Chikutoh developed his painting skills in copying out of old paintings belonging to Tenyu.
After Tenyu's death, When Chikutoh was 27 years old, he went to Kyoto together with Yamamoto Baiitsu.
Since then, the two men flourished as masters of the Kyoto painting circle of painters.

  • Painted by Nakabayashi Chikuto, San Kanji Writing by Rai Sanyo
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