Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you add any other charges ?

    No. We do not add any other charges such as shipping fee or consumption tax.
    However, import tax might be imposed on your parcel in some countries.

  • Is the insurance fee included in the price of goods ?

    Yes. So, you do not need to pay any other charges.

  • You accept returns. How long do I have to claim that to you ?

    If you decide to return an item, please claim within 7 days of receiving the item.
    Please read the "Return Policy" for more details.

  • Are all your goods handwritten ?

    Yes. We do not sell printed products. Our items are individual works of art.

  • I would like to pay with PayPal for an item.
    Can you tell me how to do it ?

    Please click the PayPal button in the web page of the goods that you would like to buy.

  • I have a hanging scroll whose details are unknown.
    Please check the hanging scroll and advise me the details.

    We are an online shop for Japanese hanging scrolls.
    This website is not a "Question-and-Answer session".
    So, please refrain from asking such a question.

  • I would like to know the differences between Japanese scrolls
    and Chinese ones, thanks.

    The answer to this question is the same as the above.
    This website is not a "Question-and-Answer session".
    We will not respond to this kind of questions.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • I would like to hold down the shipping cost as much as possible.
    Can I choose regular air mail as an option to reduce the price of
    my goods?

    We do not recommend regular air mail because there is no guarantee with it.
    Its delivery time is much longer than that of EMS even though their costs are not so different.
    And more, there is no registered number for a regular air mail so we can not trace the order at all.
    It means that we, Jyuluck-Do Corp., are not able to guarantee the amount even if you did not receive the order.

  • Do you allow discounts on the goods if I ask ?

    No, we don't. Our prices are appropriate ones from the beginning. Sorry.

  • May I send you some images of scrolls of mine to know their values ?

    Sorry, no thank you. We just sell merchandise at retail.

  • Do you accept another payment method except you show here ?

    Feel free to suggest a payment method that you prefer.
    We will consider if your payment method is available or not.

  • The dimensions of the goods are shown in centimeters.
    How can I know the measure in inches ?

    Please divide each number by 2.54 if you would like to transform centimeters into inches.
    For example, 100cm = 39.37inches.

  • How will a settlement be shown in my bill sent from my credit card
    company ?

    Our settlements by credit cards are transacted by the credit card transaction company "AXES Payment".
    So, the company name for our deal will be printed "AXES" or "SmartPay" on your monthly bill from your credit card company.
    Our company name "Jyuluck-Do Corporation" will not appear on your bill.

  • How is my credit card information secured ?

    If you click a "Buy with Card" button when you are going to buy our goods, another screen for the credit card settlement will appear.
    That screen is encrypted by 128bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
    So your information typed into the screen is already secured.
    When you click the "Submit" button in the settlement screen, only your shipping information will be sent to us as email at that moment.
    That email is also encrypted by 128bit SSL.
    Then, the screen changes to the card settlement page prepared by AXES Payment.
    Of course, the page is encrypted by 128bit SSL.
    In addition, we, Jyuluck-Do Corporation, never receive your card information such as credit-card number or expiration date.
    We only receive the result from AXES whether your settlement is successful or failed.
    So, nobody can get your information. Please put your mind at ease.

  • Do you get to know my credit-card number and password ?

    No, we don't. Your credit card information will be directly sent to the credit card company (AXES Payment) for confirmation.
    We, Jyuluck-Do Corporation, never receive your credit card number and password.
    We only receive the result from AXES whether your settlement is successful or failed.

  • I am looking for a Japanese item other than hanging scroll.
    Can you help me to find it ?

    Sure. Let us help you.
    Please inform us of what you want by email.
    We will try to find that item for you.
    Then, we will send an estimate to you as soon as possible.

  • What is Rakkan ?

    Rakkan means a combination of signature and seal (stamp) of an artist.
    Sometimes, time, place, motive for drawing and others are added to a Rakkan.

  • What is Tomobako ?

    Tomobako means wooden storage box with Rakkan signature and seals of the artist who depicted the hanging scroll.
    Rakkan is always done on a back side of a lid of wooden box.
    We never say Tomobako which does not have a Rakkan of the artist.
    The custom to make a Tomobako box for a hanging scroll began in the early part of the Meiji era (1868-1912).
    So, we can hardly find hanging scrolls attaching Tomobako boxes that were drawn in the Edo period (1603-1868) or much earlier times.

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