Biography of Japanese Painter

Kano Motonobu (1476 - 1559)

Flowers & Birds of Four Seasons, Byobu Folding Screen

The 2nd head of the Kano school.
Motonobu was born in Kyoto as the son of Masanobu, the founder of the Kano.
Motonobu's given name is Shirojiro.

At the time of the parent and child, the Tosa school was in full flourish, and Tosa Mitsunobu was designated as the official court painter.
The Tosa school was good at Yamato-e (Japanese style) painting.
On the other hand, Kano Masanobu, Motonobu's father, was good at Kara-e (Chinese style) painting.
Masanobu wanted to innovate the Tosa's style to the Kano so that Motonobu married Chiyo, the daughter of Tosa Mitsunobu.
Motonobu absorbed Yamato-e painting methods from the Tosa school, and he accreted Yamato-e style and Kara-e style.
As a result, Motonobu created new Kano style, and the Kano school prospered for about 400 years.
Motonobu was ordained as Hogen rank.

The above picture is "The Byobu Folding Screen of Flowers & Birds in Four Seasons" painted by Kano Motonobu.
It was drawn in the fusion of Yamato-e and Kara-e.

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