Biography of Japanese Painter

Takaku Aigai (1796 - 1843)

Aigai was born in Nasu District of Shimotsuke Province (=Now Kuroiso of Nasu-Shiobara city of Tochigi Prefecture).
From his youth, Aigai studied the Bunjin-ga style painting under Hiraide Sekko and the others.
In 1823, when Aigai was 27 years old, he went to Edo and studied painting under Tani Buncho.
Aigai was regarded as Buncho's successor, however, he finally could not get used to Buncho's style.
Therefore, Aigai started studying Flowers & Birds painting under Yamamoto Baiitsu.
In 1843, Aigai died at his studio at Ryogoku in Edo at the age of 48.

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