Biography of Japanese Painter

Ogata Korin (1658 - 1716)

Painter and lacquerer at the former or middle part of the Edo period. 

Korin was born in Kyoto as the second son of Ogata Soken, the head of biggest draper "Karigane-Ya".
When Korin was 30 years old, Soken died, and his eldest son succeeded the family business.
At that time, the business of Karigane-Ya was bankrupt, however, Korin kept enjoying his life of pleasure.
Around 39 years old, Korin used up the money, then, his younger brother Ogata Kenzan (1663 - 1743, famous as ceramic artist) gave advice to live seriously.
So, Korin started throwing himself into producing artistic pieces of works to gain profits.
He designed and painted Byobu folding screens, painted the Suiboku-ga scrolls, painted pottery bowls made by Kenzan, produced designs of Kimono clothes and japan wares.
In 1701, when Korin was 44 years old, he was ordained as Hokko rank.

As Korin admired Honami Koetsu and Tawaraya Sotatsu so that he intended to revive their styles. 
Korin established decorative and splendid expression world, and his designs had great influence on each of subsequent Japanese painting, craftwork and design world.

  • Yatsuhashi-zu Byobu folding screens
  • Fujin & Raijin-zu Byobu
  • Kohaku Bai-zu, White Ume
  • Kohaku Bai-zu, Red Ume
  • Suminoe Maki-e Suzuri-bako, Suminoe Ink Stone Box
  • Yatsuhashi,  Ink Stone Box
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