Biography of Japanese Painter

Miwa Chosei (1901 - 1983)

Photography of Miwa Chousei

Chosei was born in Yoita Town of Niigata Prefecture as a son of Western-style painter.
His real given name was Nobuo.
(Chosei is pseudonym.)
In 1913, after he graduated from an elementary school, he moved to Kyoto for study of paintng and entered the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts.

After graduation, he became a disciple of Domoto Insho.
In 1927, Chosei was accepted for the 8th Teiten Exhibition for the first time with the work "Higashiyama".
In 1934, he won the special prize for the 15th Teiten Exhibition with the work "Fune Tsukuru Sakyu".
In the same year, Domoto Insho established his own private school "Tokyu-Sha".
Chosei became the head pupil of that school.
(After Insho's death in 1975, Chosei managed the school.)

After World War 2, he sent his works to the Nitten Exhibitions and he won several prizes.
In 1979, he became a member of the Japan Art Academy (Nihon Geijutsu-In).

Chosei drew a variety of painting subjects such as landscapes, flowers & birds and figures.
In his last days, he drew calm landscape views with brilliant paints, and decorative flowers & birds pictures.
Chosei's wife, Mitsu was younger sister of Domoto Insho.
In 1983, Chosei deceased in Kyoto City at the age of 82.

  • Tsubaki, Camellia
  • Fujisan
  • Uguisu, Warblers
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