Biography of Japanese Painter

Kano Chikanobu (1660 - 1728)

Painter at the middle part of the Edo period.

Chikanobu was born in the 3rd year of the Manji era (1660) as a son of Kano Tsunenobu.
Chikanobu participated in depicting wall paintings (Shoheki-ga) of the Edo Castle.
In 1713, he became the 3rd head of the Kobikicho Kano family.
In 1719, he was ordained as Hogen rank.
Chikanobu also depicted Byobu folding screens as gifts for the Korean dynasty.
He passed away in the 13th year of the Kyoho era (1728) at the age of 69.

  • Tsuru-zu, Japanese Crane Birds
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