Biography of Japanese Painter

Ito Jakuchu (1715 - 1800)

Painter at the middle or latter part of the Edo period.

Jakuchu was born in Kyoto as a son of rich wholesale greengrocer, called Masuya.
He studied the Kano painting first, then he was influenced by Chinese Yuan and Ming paintings.
At the age of 40, Jakuchu transfered resposibility for the family to his younger brother.
Jakuchu was good at painting animals and flowers with a realism, especially good at painting fowls (cocks).

  • Ajisai Sokei-zu, Hydrangea and Chickens
  • Flock of Chickens in the Doshoku Sai-e
  • Fukurokuju God
  • Ju Kacho Jyu-zu Byobu Saseki (Left)
  • Ju Kacho Jyu-zu Byobu Useki (Right)
  • Secchu Yukei-zu, Cock in the Snow
  • Hyotan-zu in the Hyotan Botan-zu, Gourd
  • Elephant in the Zou-Gei zu Byobu Useki (Right)
  • Kaeru, Frog in the Saichu-hu
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