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" Sansui Landscape View "
Tanaka Hakuin (1866 - 1934)

Hakuin was born in Suruga Province (present Shizuoka Prefecture) in 1866.
His real given name was Keizaburo.
Hakuin is a pseudonym.
In 1883, when he was 17 years old, he went to Kyoto and became a disciple of Tanomura Chokunyu, master Nanga style painter.
Hakuin called himself "Tanomura Hakuin" in these days.
After he married in 1900, he called himself "Tanaka Hakuin" because the surname of his wife was Tanaka.
Hakuin was good at painting landscape views in the Nanga style very similar to Tanomura Chikuden and Chokunyu.
Later, Hakuin established a private painting school in Hofu city of Yamaguchi Prefecture and caltivated many pupils.
He deceased in the 9th year of the Showa era at the age of 69.
highest Value = about US$ 22 thousand

Signature & Seal
Part of Painting
Silk, 88 x 26 cm ( 34.6 x 10.2 inches )
Silk, 168 x 37.5 cm ( 66 x 14.8 inches )
Roller End Material
Wood Box

The scroll is slightly foxed overall as it was drawn years ago.
There are some folds, spots and stains.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is not so bad.
Literary men on a boat enjoying landscape view in the fall are drawn in the Nanga literati painting style.
Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Sold, Thank you !
Nanga, Litarati Painting
Rakkan Signature & Seals of Tanaka Shoin
Signature & Seals
Nanga Landscape View Picture
Boat, Literary Men & Trees
Roler Rod made from Staghorn
Roller End
In Kakemono Wooden Box
In Wooden Box
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