Tora Tigers painted in 1926

[ Tigers ] Drawn in 1926
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" Tigers " Drawn in 1926
Nohara Ohshu (1886 - 1933)

Ohshu was born in Minowa Village of Gifu Prefecture in 1886.
His real given name was Yasuji.
After he graduated the Ohgaki junior high school, he entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (Tokyo Bijutsu Gakko) and studied painting under Kubota Beisen, Kobayashi Gokyo and Terasaki Kogyo.
In 1909, Ohshu graduated the school at the top of his class.
He was accepted for the 20th Bunten Exhibition in 1916 for the first time.
In 1919, he moved to Kyoto and became a disciple of Hashimoto Kansetesu.
In 1922, he was accepted for the 4th Teiten Exhibition.
Ohshu flourished in Kyoto, he was good at painting historical scenes and flowers & birds pictures, especially good at painting rose flowers.
On February 28 of 1933, he deceased at the age of 47.

Signature & Seal
Part of Painting
Japanese Paper, 132 x 32.5 cm ( 52 x 12.8 inches )
Silk, 204 x 44 cm ( 80.3 x 17.3 inches )
Roller End Material
Ivory or Antler
Wood Box

This scroll was drawn in 1926.
There are a little noticeable spots to some extent on the drawing part.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Although, parent and child tigers are painted artistically.
A mother tiger intentionally puts her son over a cliff.
She expects that her son would come back from the bottom of the valley on his own and become stronger.
This is the scene.
Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Sold, Thank you !
Tiger (Tora)
Mother tiger drops her son intentionally
Rakkan Signature & Stamp of Nohara Ohshu
Signature & Seal
Roller End made from Ivory or Antler
Roller End
Tiger (Tora)
In Wooden Box
In Wooden Box
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