Mt. Fuji & Kanji Poem

[ Mt. Fuji & Kanji Poem ]
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" Mt. Fuji & Kanji Poem "
Sugitani Rokkyo (1865 - 1944)
Nanga style painter, calligrapher & statesman.
Rokkyo was born in Kyoto in 1865 as the 3rd son of Yamashina Tokinao (Court noble).
Later, Rokkyo changed his surname from Yamashina to Sugitani.
He received a barony when he was 20 years old and he was a member of the House of Lords for over 30 years.
He studied classical Chinese literature under Kusaba Senzan, Chinese poetry under Hayashi Sekikyo, Japanese-style painting under Ju Shunto, Japanese brush drawing under Kitamura Ryusho and others.
Rokkyo is known as one of the best literal man of Japanese noblemen.
He deceased in 1944 at the age of 80.
Signature & Seal
Part of Painting
Japanese Paper, 60.5 x 33 cm ( 23.8 x 13 inches )
Silk, 138 x 47 cm ( 54.3 x 18.5 inches )
Roller End Material
Ebony Wood
Tomobako Original Wood Box
There are some faint spots on the drawing part.
Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
Mt. Fuji and a Kanji poem regarding the mountain are drawn artistically with Japanese brush.
Sold, Thank you !
Fugaku-Zu Gasan (Mt. Fuji & Kanji Writing)
San Kanji Poem
San Kanji Poem
Mt. Fuji

Hakogaki Endorsement
Hakogaki Endorsement
Roller End made of Ebony Wood (Shitan)
Roller End
In Tomobako Original Wooden Box
In Tomobako Original Wooden Box
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