Handwriting Great Mandala by Top Buddhist, 1929

  • [ Great Mandala ] by High-ranked Buddhist in 1929
    • Reference NumberSS-70019
    • Title" Great Mandala " by Nichiren-Shoshu Buddhist Monk, 1929
    • DrawerNichijun (1898 - 1959)
      The 65th Hossu head priest of the Nichiren-Shoshu Sect of Buddhism.
      Nichijun was born in the 31st year of the Meiji era (1898) in Ina city of Nagano Prefecture.
      His given name was Sumao.
      In 1922, he became the head priest of the Hyakkanbo of Taiseki-Ji Headquarters Temple in Shizuoka Prefecture.
      In March of 1956, he became the Kancho minister of the Nichiren-Shoshu Sect.
      In November of the 34th year of the Showa era (1959), Nichijun deceased at the age of 61.
      During Nichijun's lifetime, he teached Makiguchi Tsunesaburo and Toda Josei, patriarchs of the Soka Gakkai Sect.
    • Signature & SealSignature & Kao Stylized Signature
    • Part of DrawingSilk, 96 x 51 cm ( 37.8 x 20 inches )
    • MountingSilk, 182 x 65 cm ( 71.7 x 25.6 inches )
    • Roller End MaterialBrass
    • BoxWood Box
    • Description This is all handwritten Dai-mandara (great mandala) scroll that was drawn on November 13 of 1929 (the 4th year of the Showa era) at the Minobu-Yogyo-In Temple in Yamanashi Prefecture by Nichijun, the 65th head priest of the Nichiren-shoshu Sect of Buddhism.
      Nichijun teached Makiguchi Tsunesaburo and Toda Josei during his lifetime, and the two later became the founders of the Soka Gakkai Sect.
      There are faint rucks on the mounting part.
      Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
      The scroll is precious one.
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  • Dai-Mandara
  • Rakkan, Stylized Signature
    Kao Stylized Signature
  • Jikusaki Roller End made of Shinchu Brass
    Roller End made of Brass
  • In Wooden Box
    In Wooden Box
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