Swimming Carp under Sakura Blossoms

[ Swimming Carp under Cherry Blossoms ]
Reference Number
" Swimming Carp under Cherry Blossoms "
Fukuda Heihachiro (1892 - 1974)

Heihachiro was born in Oita city of Oita Prefecture in the 25th year of the Meiji era (1892).
He dropped out of a junior high school and went to Kyoto to become a painter.
In 1918, he graduated from the Kyoto Municipal Professional School of Painting.
In the next year, he was accepted for the first Teiten Exhibition.
He won the special prize at the third Teiten Exhibiton.
In 1936, he became a professor of his alma mater.
In 1961, he was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit.
Heihachiro deceased in the 49th year of the Showa era (1974) at the age of 83.
Highest Value = about US$ 400 thousand

Signature & Seal
Part of Painting
Silk, 120.5 x 41.5 cm ( 47.4 x 16.3 inches )
Silk, 203 x 55 cm ( 80 x 21.7 inches )
Roller End Material
Ivory (Slightly cracked)
Tomobako Original Wood Box & Outer Wood Box

There is a stain by water at the bottom of the mounting.
There are some slight spots and stains on the drawing part.
A few rucks are also recognized.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Although, Sakura flowers (Cherry Blossoms) and a swiming carp (Koi fish) are painted vividly and artistically.
Carp is considered fortunate creature in Japan.
This scroll looks nice.
Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Sold, Thank you !
Swimming Koi Fish under Sakura Cherry Blossoms
Rakkan Signature & Stamp of Fukuda Heihachirou
Signature & Seal
Kakemono Roller End made of Ivory
Ivory Roller End
Sakura Flowers
Swimming Koi Fish
Japanese Carp (Lucky Fish)

Stains at the bottom
Hakogaki Endorsement by Fukuda Heihachirou
Hakogaki Endorsement
In Tomobako Original Wooden Box & Outer Wooden Box
With Tomobako Original Wooden Box & Outer Wooden Box
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