Shinran, Snow Pillow, Buddhist Patriarch

[ Shinran, Snow Pillow ] Patriarch of Buddhistic Sect
  • Reference NumberSS-30143
  • Title" Shinran, Snow Pillow " Patriarch of Buddhistic Sect
  • PainterRyuho
  • Signature & SealYes
  • Part of DrawingSilk, 116 x 41 cm ( 45.7 x 16 inches )
  • MountingSilk, 200 x 56 cm ( 78.7 x 22 inches )
  • Roller End MaterialWood (Lacquered)
  • BoxWood Box
  • DescriptionWe estimate this scroll was depicted before the Second World War.
    There are some spots, grazes and strong folds on the mounting part.
    There are a little noticeable stains on the drawing part.
    As a whole, the condition of this scroll is not good.
    Although, the well-known scene for Shinran (1173-1262), great patriarch of the Jodo-Shinshu Sect of Buddhism, is painted elaborately. Hino Saemonnojo Yoriaki was born in Kyoto as a son of court noble.
    After come of age, he was good at both studies and martial arts, though, was wrongly accused and transported to Hitachi Province (present Ibaraki Prefecture).
    Yoriaki became a moneylender and he believed only in money.
    On a night in the late fall, when he was drinking and wreaking his anger on his wife, Shinran came and asked to spend a night at Yoriaki's house.
    Though, Yoriaki, self-destructive man, refused Shinran's request at once.
    Shinran was obliged to sleep along the eaves, putting his head on a cold stone.
    The snowfall became heavier, Shinran sang Buddhist chant repeatedly and endured the snowstorm.
    At midnight, Yoriaki was sleeping, the Kannon Goddess emerged in his dream and said "The man sleeping under the eaves of your house is Buddha. Ask him for instructions ! Otherwise, you will suffer forever !".
    Yoriaki was so surprised and found Shinran chanting, outside the house.
    He brought Shinran into the house and apologized for his discourtesy and confessed all his evil conducts.
    Shinran replied that "We always commit wrongful acts. However, everybody has a religious mind. Just believe in God. Then, you can see the halo."
    Yoriaki became Shinran's disciple at the night, and also received the Buddhist name "Doen".
    Later, Doen remodeled his house to a temple and he named the temple "Chinseki-Ji" (Pillow-Stone Temple).
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Shinran, the Snow Pillow
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Signature & Seal
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Kakemono End (Lacquered)
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In Wooden Box
In Wooden Box
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