Ninomiya Kinjiro Sontoku, painted in 1919

[ Study while Farming ] Ninomiya Kinjiro, Drawn in 1919
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" Study while Farming " Ninomiya Kinjiro, Drawn in 1919
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Silk, 122 x 51.5 cm ( 48 x 20.3 inches )
Silk, 199 x 67 cm ( 78.3 x 26.4 inches )
Roller End Material
No Box

This scroll was drawn in the spring of 1919.
It is rather large scroll.
There are several worm-eaten holes at the top of the mounting.
Those are a bit noticeable.
Spots, stains and folds are also recognized.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Although, the figure of Ninomiya Kinjiro (1787-1856), Mt. Fuji, Matsu & Ume & Peony & Kiku & Bamboo Flowers and Leaves are painted well.
A Kanshi Kanji poem obliging parents is also written at the top.
Ninomiya Kinjiro Sontoku was born as a son of a farmer in the Odawara domain near Mt. Fuji.
When Kinjiro was 5 years old, Sakawa River in the domain overruned and his father's rice paddy and fields were all flooded.
Since then, Kinjiro preserved in cultivating and studying hard.
When he grew up at 20, rice fields were recovered admirably.
Kinjiro became a Samurai of the Odawara domain because his talent of field management was admitted.
He rebuilt finances of the domain marvelously, and his methods of finance reform were considered as examples.

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Kanshi kanji Poem
Roller Rod made of Staghorn
Roller End
Figure of Ninomiya Kinjiro in his youth
Kanshi Poem, Mt. Fuji, Matsu Tree, Ume Flowers
Ninomiya Sontoku, Peony, Kiku and Bamboo Flowers
Ninomiya Sontoku
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