View of Shinano Country in the Spring

  • [ View of Shinano Country in the Spring ]
    • Reference NumberSS-10205
    • Title" View of Shinano Country in the Spring "
    • DrawerTanami Gakusho (1876 - 1928)

      Gakusho was born in Mie Prefecture in the 9th year of the Meiji era (1876).
      His real given name was Kintaro.
      Gakusho is a pseudonym.
      At first, Gakusho studied Japanese style painting under Tanaka Seisho, then, he became a disciple of Kono Bairei in Kyoto.
      Later, Gakusho went to Tokyo and studied painting under Kubota Beisen and Nomura Bunkyo.
      Gakusho was good at painting landscapes and flowers-and-birds pictures.
      Members of the Nihon Bijutsu Kyokai and the Nihon-ga Kai.
      He deceased in the 3rd year of the Showa era (1928) at the age of 53.

    • Signature & SealYes
    • Part of DrawingSilk, 125 x 42 cm ( 49.2 x 16.5 inches )
    • MountingSilk, 205 x 56 cm ( 80.7 x 22 inches )
    • Roller End MaterialEbony Wood
    • BoxTomobako Original Wood Box
    • Description

      There are some faint stains on the mounting.
      Some small spots on the drawing part are recognized.
      Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
      A landscape in Shinano country in the spring is painted well.
      Shinano is a famous place in Nagano Prefecture for beautiful mountainous area.
      Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

    • Price USD 180
  • Rakkan Signature & Stamp of Tanami Gakusho
    Signature & Seal
  • Landscape at Shinano-Ji District
  • Mountainous Land
  • Trees, River, Straw Huts
  • Kokutan Ebony Wood
    Roller End
  • Hakogaki Endorsement
    Hakogaki Endorsement on Lid
  • In Tomobako Original Wooden Box
    In Tomobako Original Wooden Box
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