Sansui Landscape in the Early Summer, 1886

[ Sansui Landscape in Early Summer ] Drawn in 1886
Reference Number
" Sansui Landscape in Early Summer " Painted in 1886
Signature & Seal
Part of Painting
Silk, 113.5 x 50 cm ( 44.7 x 19.7 inches )
Silk, 195 x 65 cm ( 76.8 x 25.6 inches )
Roller End Material
Ivory or Antler
Wood Box

This scroll was painted in the 19th year of the Meiji era (1886).
It is rather large scroll.
It seems to have been re-mounted.
There are several stains on the drawing part.
Although, the condition of this scroll is good.
The lid of the attached wooden box is a little broken.
A landscape view in the early summer is painted artistically in the Nanga painting style.

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San Kanji Writing & Rakkan Signature & Stamp
San Kanji Writing and Rakkan Signature & Seals
Nob (Jikusaki) made of Ivory or Antler
Roller End
Japanese Nanga Landscape Ink Drawing
Mountains, Trees
Matsu Tree, River, Buildings
Sansui Landscape View Picture in Nanga style
In Wooden Box
In Wooden Box
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