Twin-Scroll, Japanese Kanji Verses

[ Kanji Poem ] Twin Scrolls Set
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" Kanji Poem " Twin Scrolls
Shinozaki Shochiku (1781 - 1851)

Confucianist, Kanshi poet & calligrapher at the latter part of the Edo period.
Shochiku was born in Osaka in 1781 as a son of a doctor.
His given name was Chozaemon.
Since 9 years old, Shochiku had studied Confucianism and others under Shinozaki Mishima.
Later, Shochiku became an adopted son of Mishima.
By order of Mishima, he went to Edo and became a disciple of Koga Seiri.
After coming back to Osaka, Shochiku succeeded to his adoptive father and cultivated many famous Confucianists.
He also associated with Rai Sanyo.

Signature & Seal
Part of Writing
Japanese Paper, 127 x 27 cm ( 50 x 10.6 inches )
Japanese Paper, 184 x 33 cm ( 72.4 x 13 inches )
Roller End Material
No Box

This is a twin scrolls set.
There is a small hole on one scroll.
There are some stains on the drawing parts.
Not a few worm-eaten holes on the drawing parts have been repaired with paper, and those are not so noticeable.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll set is so-so.
Although, a Kanji poem is written in good form using Japanese brush and black ink.
The poem describes a visual scene that Tokugawa Mitsukuni (1628-1701), great ruler in the Edo period, seated in Zen meditation.

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Kanshi Poem by Confucianist, Chirographer
Kanji Poem written with Japanese Brush & Black Sumi Ink
Rakkan Signature & Stamps of Shinozaki Shochiku
Signature & Seals
Wooden Roller End
Roller End
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