Kanshi Poem by Daitoku-Ji Buddhist Monk

  • [ Kanji Poem ] by 483th Chief Abbot of Daitoku-Ji Temple
    • Reference NumberSP-70247
    • Title"Kanji Poem " by Chief Abbot of Daitoku-Ji Temple
    • DrawerKoshu Sotaku (1840 - 1907)

      Priest of the Rinzan-Shu Sect of Zen Buddhism.
      Sotaku was born in Tajima Province (Now Hyogo Prefecture) in 1840.
      In 1876, he became the chief priest of the Hoshun-In Temple.
      In 1892, he became the 483rd head priest of the Daikoku-Ji Temple which was founded in 1325 in Kyoto.

    • Signature & SealYes
    • Part of WritingJapanese Paper, 131 x 33 cm ( 21.6 x 13 inches )
    • MountingSilk, 192 x 47 cm ( 75.6 x 18.5 inches )
    • Roller End MaterialWood (Lacquered)
    • BoxWood Box
    • Description

      The scroll has been re-mounted.
      The drawing part is a little foxed, and, there are some small spots and faint stains on it.
      Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
      A Kanji poem is written in good running style.
      The calligraphy was done by the 483rd head priest of the Daitoku-Ji Temple in Kyoto.

    • Price USD 240
  • Kanji Phrase by Head Priest of Buddhistic Temple
  • Japanese Kanji Poem
  • Rakkan Signature & Seals of Koshu Sotaku
    Signature & Seals
  • Lacquered Roller End
    Roller End
  • In Kakemono Wooden Box
    In Wooden Box
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