Phrase & Kiku Flowers by Highest Buddhist Monk

[ Kanji Phrase & Kiku Flowers ] 1967. By Shingon Buddhistic Priest at Highest Rank
Reference Number SP-70200
" Kanji Phrase & Kiku Flowers " Buddhist Priest at Highest Rank
Drawer Kusatsunagi Zengi ( 1883 - 1969)

The 54th head priest (Monzeki) of the Daikaku-Ji Temple of Shingonshu Sect.
The temple was founded in AD 876 at Saga in Kyoto.
Zengi learned Buddhistic traditions and instructions under Zenkai and Shaku Unsho of the Fussa-In Temple.
He became the chief priest of the Seiren-Ji Temple and the Daisen-Ji Temple in Kanagawa Prefecture.
He also made exertions to spread art of flower arrangement.

Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Painting Japanese Paper, 102 x 30 cm ( 40.2 x 11.8 inch )
Mounting Silk, 173 x 33.5 cm ( 68 x 13.2 inch )
Roller End Material Bamboo
Wood Box Original Wood Box (Tomobako)

This scroll was drawn in 1967.
The Kanji phrase is drawn by Kusatsunagi Zengi, the 54th head priest of the Daikaku-Ji Temple at Saga in Kyoto.
The Kiku flowers and leaves are drawn by Rihoh (Profile unknown).
There are some small spots on the drawing part.
Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
Kiku (Japanese chrysanth) flowers and leaves are drawn simply and artistically.
This kind of Kiku flower is especially called "Saga-Giku".
It grows naturally near Saga district where the Daikaku-Ji Temple is located.
A Kanji phrase is also drawn in good form at the top.
If we read this phrase in On-yomi pronunciation, we say it "Sagagiku".
But, the meaning of the phrase is different from Saga-Giku chrysanth.
It literally means "Cleaned house has a run of good luck".
So we guess the Kanji phrase implies "Person who is trying to be better will get lucky".

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Kanji Phrase by the 54th head priest of the Daikaku-Ji Temple
Kiku Flower & Leaf
Saga-Giku (Kiku flowers & leaves)
Hakogaki Endorsement by Kusatsunagi Zengi
Hakogaki Endorsement
Roller End made of Bamboo
Bamboo Roller End
In Original Wooden Box
In Tomobako Original Wooden Box
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