Kannon Buddhist Goddess & Kanji Drawing

  • [ Kannon Goddess & Kanji Writing ] Buddhistic Scroll
    • Reference NumberSP-60009
    • Title" Kannon Goddess & Kanji Writing "
    • ArtistsKanji Part = Ohtani Kubutsu
      Kannon Goddess = 77 Years Old, Sakakibara Bunsui
    • Signature & SealYes
    • Part of DrawingJapanese Paper, 117 x 31 cm ( 46 x 12.2 inches )
    • MountingSilk, 198 x 46 cm ( 78 x 18.2 inches )
    • Roller End MaterialEbony Wood
    • BoxTomobako Original Wooden Box
    • Description

      The scroll is slightly foxed overall as it was drawn years ago.
      We estimate it was drawn before World War 2.
      There are some spots, stains and folds.
      As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
      The Kannon Buddhistic Goddess (Goddess of Mercy) is drawn well.
      The Kanji phrase is also drawn by the other artist (Kubutsu Ohtani. Seems to be a Buddhist monk of the Hongan-Ji Sect.)
      The phrase means "Come alone, Go alone".
      Meaningful phrase.

    • Price Sold, Thank you !
  • Signature and Seal of 77 Years Old, Bunsui Sakakibara
    Signature & Seal
  • Come Alone, Go Alone
  • Buddhist Goddess of Mercy
  • Kannon Goddess
  • Roller End made of Ebony Wood
    Roller End
  • Hakogaki Endorsement
    Hakogaki Endorsement on Lid
  • In Original Wood Box
    In Original Wood Box
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