[ Daruma ]
Reference Number SP-30073
" Daruma "
Painter Kantari Kohun (? - ?)

Kano style painter at the former part of the Edo period.
His given name was Zenuemon.
Another name is Morichika.
Kohun studied painting under Kano Tanyu (1602 - 1674), the great master of the Kano school.
Kohun is considered as one of the Tanyu's Big Four (The others are Kusumi Morikage, Tsurusawa Tanzan and Momota Ryuei).
Kohun flourished around the Kanbun era (1661-1673) in the Edo period.
He served the Uesugi family, the lords of Yonezawa Domain in Dewa Province (present Akita Prefecture).

Signature & Seal Only Seal
Part of Painting Japanese Paper, 38.5 x 47.5 cm ( 15.2 x 18.7 inch )
Mounting Silk, 130 x 62 cm ( 51.2 x 24.4 inch )
Roller End Material Antler
Box Wood Box

The painting must have been drawn in the 17th century.
It must have been re-mounted.
However, there are spots, stains, folds and small tears.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Although, Daruma is drawn powerfully with only black Sumi ink.
Even though it is written on the lid that the piece of work was done by Kantari Kohun, please note this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Price Sold, Thank you !
Daruma Daishi (Zen Monk)
Daruma (Zen Painting)
Seal of Kohun

Roller End made from Antler
Roller End
In Kakemono Box
In Wooden Scroll Box

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