Wakei Seijaku

[ Calm Down and Act in Union ] Famous Kanji Phrase
Reference Number NP-70011
" Calm Down and Act in Union " Famous Kanji Phrase
Chirographer Takebe Seiyu

Professional chirographer.
Belongs to the Sanbi-Kai Group in Gifu Prefecture.
Accepted for the Mainichi Exhibition, Kenten Exhibition and others.

Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Drawing Japanese Paper, 135 x 33.5 cm ( 53 x 13.2 inch )
Mounting Silk, 193 x 45 cm ( 76 x 17.7 inch )
Roller End Material Hard Plastic
Wood Box Original Wood Box (Tomobako) & Paper Box

Brand-new scroll.
The Kanji phrase is written "Wakei Seijaku".
Sen no Rikyu (1522 - 1591), the historical giant for Japanese Tea Ceremony liked this phrase.
Means "Calm down and act in union".
The Kanji characters are drawn in good form.

Price Sold, Thank you !
Japanese Kanji Characters
Singature and Stamp of Takebe Seiyu
Signature & Seal

Hakogaki Endorsement
Hoakogaki Eodorsement
In Original Wooden Box & Paper Box
In Tomobako Original Wood Box & Paper Box
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