Samurai Warrior, Byobu Folding Screen

  • [ Famous Samurai Commander ] Byobu Folding Screen
    • Reference NumberAR-10182
    • Title" Samurai Warrior " Byobu Folding Screen
    • PainterInju Gikyo ?
    • Signature & SealOnly Seal
    • Dimensions172 x 92.5 cm ( 67.7 x 36.4 inches ) x 2 screens
    • ContainerNo Container
    • Description

      We estimate this Byobu folding screen was made over 50 years ago.
      The material of the painting parts is Japanese paper.
      It's a pity that there is a hole on the painting part.
      There are a few amotions and some stains by water.
      There is also a hole on the back side of the screen.
      As a whole, the condition of this folding screen is not so bad.
      The motif is Minamoto no Yoshiie (1039-1106), famous Samurai warrior, and the scene is historically well-known one.
      During the Gosannen-no-Eki War (1083-1089), Yoshiie was advancing toward Kanazawa to beat Kiyohara Iehira and Kiyohara Takehira.
      At that time, Yoshiie found that geese were flying in a bad order even though they always fly in good order in a line.
      So, Yoshiie detected ambushes and was successful in exterminating them.
      The scene is depicted animatedly using Japanese traditional painting techniques.
      It is also gilded so that it looks luxury.

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    • Deliverable Areas USA, Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, France, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, HK, Singapore, Korea, Macau, Taiwan, China, Malasia, Thailand, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam
    • Price USD 1980
  • [ Famous Samurai Commander ] Byobu Folding Screen
  • Minamoto no Yoshiie & his Kerai Retainers
  • Flying Geese in a Bad Order
  • Stamp of the Painter
    Seal of the Painter
  • Minamoto no Yoshiie, Famous Samurai in the Middle Ages
  • Samurai wearing Kabuto Helmet & Yoroi Armor
  • Black Horse
  • Kabuto Samurai Helmet
  • Horse
  • Yoroi Samurai Armor
  • Kerai, Subordinate Samurai Warrior
  • Silver Grass
  • Kabuto and Yoroi Armor
  • Kari, Flying Geese
  • Kari, Goose
  • Flying Geese
  • Hole
  • Japanese Byobu Folding Screen
  • Stains by Water
  • Hole on the Back Side of Screen
  • Japanese Byobu Folding Screen (Folded)
  • Hole on the back side
  • Some stain on the back side
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