Meotogoi, Carp Fish Couple

A Carp Couple
Reference Number NS-50004
"A Carp Couple " Koi Fish
Artist Shinsetsu Matsuo
Signature & Stamp Yes
Part of Painting Silk, 103 x 41 cm ( 40.5 x 16 inch )
Mounting Silk, 186 x 54 cm ( 73.2 x 21.2 inch )
Roller End Wood
Box Paper Box

The carp couple is swimming together.
This composition is often used because carp bring us good luck.
A scroll which is painted a couple of carp will fulfill a harmony and safety of the family, bonds of marriage and health of thier children.
It's a pity that there is one defect with this artwork.
The paint was dropped on the painting.
(Please refer to inside the black circle in the picture below).
If there was no defect, this scroll would be traded at much much higher price.

Price Sold, Thank you !
Koi Fish Couple
Signature and Seal of Shinsetsu Matsuo
Signature & Seal
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