Nigyosho Kanji Chirography

Kanji Calligraphy
Reference Number NP-70002
" Kanji Calligraphy in Two Lines "
Drawer anonymous
Signature & Stamp Yes
Part of Drawing Japanese Paper, 135 x 42 cm ( 53.1 x 16.5 inch )
Mounting Silk, 197 x 54.5 cm ( 77.6 x 21.5 inch )
Roller End Material Wood
Box Paper Box

There is a signature and seal of the drawer, however, we cannot read it.
Kanji calligraphy is written in good form.
The writing means that a crane (Tsuru) flies for a thousand years and a Kame (turtle, tortoise) swims for 10 thousand years in a pond.
Hoping a long life.

Price Sold, Thank you !
Signature and Seal
Signature & Seal
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