Uzura Japanese Quails & Autumn Leaves

[ Autumn Leaves & Flowers, Quail Birds ] by Imao Keinen
Reference Number SS-50137
" Autumn Leaves & Quails "
Painter Imao Keinen (1845 - 1924)

Keinen was born in Kyoto.
His given name is Inosaburo.
He studied Ukiyo-e painting under Umekawa Tohkyo.
In 1873, Became a pupil of Suzuki Hyakunen.
In 1919, Became a member of the Teikoku Bijutsu-In (The Imperial Art Academy).
Keinen was accepted for the Chicago World Expo in 1893, the Paris World Expo in 1900, the St. Louis World Expo in 1904.
Highest Value = US$50 thousand

Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Painting Silk, 112 x 41 cm ( 44 x 16 inch )
Mounting Silk, 203 x 53.5 cm ( 80 x 21 inch )
Roller End Material Ivory
Box Wood Box

There are a little noticeable spots at the top and bottom parts of the mounting.
Some spots, stains and folds are recognized on the drawing part.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Although, fall leaves & flowers, Uzura birds (Japanese quail) are painted very vividly and artistically.
Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Price $280
Fall Flowers & Leaves, Japanese Quail Birds
Signature & Stamps of Imao Keinen
Signature & Stamps
Autumn Flower & Leaf
Autumn Leaves
Fall Flower
Uzura Birds (Japanese Quails)
Spots on the Mounting
Roller End (Nob) made from Ivory
Jikusaki Ivory Roller End
In Wooden Scroll Box
In Wooden Kakejiku Box
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