Kiku, Ran Flowers & Shibakusa Grass

[ Kiku Flowers, Orchid, Sod Grass ] Drawn in 1811 or 1871
Reference Number SS-40066
" Kiku Flowers, Orchid & Sod Grass " 1811 or 1871 ?
Artist Gonpei
Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Drawing Silk, 126 x 39 cm ( 49.6 x 15.4 inch )
Mounting Silk, 189 x 50.5 cm ( 74.4 x 20 inch )
Roller End Material Hard Plastic
Wood Box Wood Box

We guess this scroll was drawn in 1811 or 1871, however, we are not sure.
It is re-mounted.
So, there is no spots on the mounting.
The drawing part is foxed as it was drawn years ago.
There are spots, stains, folds and creases.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Kiku flowers and leaves, Orchid and sod grass are drawn well in the Suiboku painting method.

Price $148
Kiku, Ran, Reishiba
Signature and Stamp of Gonpei
Signature & Stamps
Kiku Flowers & Leaf
Orchid, Sod Grass
In Wooden Box
In Wooden Box
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