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Daruma & Japanese Lady in Kimono

[ Daruma & Japanese Kimono Lady ]
Reference Number SS-30116
" Daruma & Japanese Kimono Lady "
Painter Kohju
Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Painting Silk, 116 x 41 cm ( 45.7 x 16 inches )
Mounting Silk, 208 x 54 cm ( 82 x 21.3 inches )
Roller End Material Antler
Box Wood Box

We estimate the scroll was painted over 50 years ago.
There are some small spots and stains.
The attached wooden box is reinforced with papers.
Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
Daruma and a Japanese Yujo Lady (cultivated prostitute) are drawn elaborately.
Hanabusa Iccho, very famous master painter, made drawings of this subject (Daruma & Yujo) for the first time.
After him, many painters started drawing pictures of the same subject.
This painting is done well.
It looks nice !

Price $280
Daruma & Japanese Yujo (Prostitute)
Signature & Seal of Kohju
Signature & Seal
Daruma Daishi
Japanese Yujo Lady (Literate Prostitute)
Roller End made from Antler
Roller End
Reinforced with Papers
In Kakejiku Wooden Box
In Kakejiku Wooden Box
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