Beautiful Japanese Lady in Kimono

[ Japanese Beautiful Lady in Kimono ] Bijin-ga
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" Beautiful Lady in Kimono "
Kitsuda Eihoh (1902 - 1974)

Eihoh was born in the 35th year of the Meiji era in Nihonbashi of Tokyo.
He studied the Nanga style painting under Komuro Suiun.
Eihoh was accepted for the exhibitions held by the Nihon Nanga-In for several times.
In 1930 and 1931, he was accepted for the Teiten Exhibitions in a row.
In addition, Eihoh was accepted for the Teiten and Shin-Bunten Exhibitions for several times.
In 1941, he won the special prize of the 4th Shin-Bunten Exhibition.
After World War 2, he participated in establishing the Nanga-In.
Later, Eihoh became a member of the Nihon Nanga-In.
He also accepted for the Nitten Exhibitions for several times from the first exhibition held in the spring of 1946.
He deceased in the 49th year of the Showa era at the age of 73.
Highest Value = US$8700

Signature & Seal
Part of Drawing
Silk, 35.5 x 53 cm ( 14 x 21 inches )
Silk, 135 x 63.5 cm ( 53.2 x 25 inches )
Roller End Material
Antler or Ivory
Wood Box

The scroll is slightly foxed overall as it was painted years ago.
The mounting part is slightly curly.
There are spots and stains to some extent.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is not so bad.
A Japanese beauty im Kimono looking at two flying butterflies is painted well.
Unfortunately, the paints of the butterflies are faded away, so, the butterlies are almost unrecognizable.
Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Japanese Beautiful Girl looking at Butterfly
Japanese Beauty im Kimono with Fan
Rakkan Signature & Stamp of Kitsuda Eihoh
Signature & Seal
Roller End made from Antler or Ivory
Roller End
In Kakemono Wooden Box
In Wooden Box
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