View of Mt. Fuji

[ View of Mt. Fuji ] Large Scroll
Reference Number
" View of Mt. Fuji "
Yamada Nankei
Signature & Seal
Only Seals
Part of Drawing
Silk, 53 x 84.5 cm ( 21 x 33.3 inches )
Silk, 130.5 x 99.5 cm ( 51.4 x 39.2 inches )
Roller End Material
Ebony Wood
No Box

This is super large scroll.
It must have been painted between the Meiji era (1868) and the end of the Second World War (1945).
It might have been re-mounted.
It is slightly foxed overall.
There are faint stains to some extent on the drawing part.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is not so bad.
Mt. Fuji, Japanese flag and other things in a basti are painted well.

View of Mount Fuji
Mt. Fuji, Japanese Flag, Farmer, Rice Field
Japanese Flag, Straw Hut, Matsu & Persimmon Trees, Chrysanth Flowers
Stamps of Yamada Nankei
Kakemono End made of Kokutan Ebony Wood
Roller End
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