Kanji Verse written by Army General of Japan

[ Kanji Poem ] Written by Major General
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" Kanji Poem " Drawn by Major General
Izu Tsuneo (1864 - 1944)

Major general of the Imperial Army of Japan.
Tsuneo was born in Fujiwara of Chikuzen Province (present Fukuoka Prefecture) in 1864.
After the graduation of the Army Academy, Tsuneo served on active duty for the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) as an adjutant of General Oyama Iwao.
At the Russo-Japanese War occurred in 1904, Tsuneo participated in the fierce battle at Ryojun (Lushun) as a staff of General Nogi Maresuke.
In the 41st year of the Meiji era (1908), he became a Major General.

Signature & Seal
Part of Writing
Japanese Paper, 134 x 32.5 cm ( 52.8 x 12.8 inches )
Silk, 201 x 46 cm ( 79 x 18 inches )
Roller End Material
Hard Plastic
Wood Box & Paper Box

This scroll has been re-mounted.
There are some stains on the drawing part.
Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
A Kanji poem is writen in good form using Japanese brush and black Sumi ink.
The poem literally means that "We ordinary men can't give aid to a number of people at one time. Clowns should do appropriate things on fields".

Kanshi Poem written with Japanese brush and Sumi Ink
Kanji Calligraphy
Wooden Box & Paper Box
Wooden Box & Paper Box
Rakkan Signature & Stamps of Izu Tsuneo
Signature & Stamps
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