Japanese Fox Specter

[ Japanese Fox Specter ]
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" Japanese Fox Specter "
Ohata Bunrei (1914 -)

Bunrei was born in the 3rd year of the Taisho era.

He won many prizes at several exhibitions such as the Yushu-Kai Committee Exhibition, Kansai University Art Exhibit, Nihon Nanga-Kai Exhibit and Governer General's Awards.

He lived in Abeno-ward in Osaka city.

Signature & Seal
Part of Drawing
Japanese Paper, 40.5 x 42 cm ( 16 x 16.5 inches )
Silk, 135 x 55 cm ( 53 x 21.6 inches )
Roller End Material
Tomobako Original Wood Box

There are very slight folds on the painting part.

As a whole, the condition of this scroll is good.

The title of this painting in Japanese is "Hakuzousu".

It is the specter of fox in a Japanese folk sotry which can transform into anybody else.

The motif is drawn elaborately and viividly using Japanese brush and Sumi inks.

USD 298

Hakuzousu, Specter of Fox

Japanese Kitsune Fox

Kitsune Fox

Rakkan Autography of Ohata Bunei
Signature & Seals

Kakejiku End made of Ivory (Zouge)
Roller End
Hakogaki Endorsement on Lid
Endorsement on Lid
In Tomobako Box with Signature of the Painter
In Tomobako Box with Signature of Painter
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