Birds, Ume Plum & Yanagi Willow Trees

[ Birds, Ume and Willow Trees ] Drawn in 1929
Reference Number SP-50064
" Birds, Ume and Willow Trees " Drawn in 1929
Artist Bunkei Hijiya (1899 - 1951)

Born in Kagawa Prefecture.
Studied the Nanga style painting under Chikugai Himeshima.
Also good at making Haiku poems.
Went to Korea and China, deepen friendships with persons of consequence.
After coming back to Japan, held personal exhibitions at the Takashimaya department store every year.
Value = about US$12,000

Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Painting Japanese Paper, 128 x 30 cm ( 50.4 x 11.8 inch )
Mounting Silk, 201 x 42.5 cm ( 79 x 16.7 inch )
Roller Ends Bamboo
Box Wood Box

This scroll is drawn in the summer of 1929.
It is slightly foxed overall as it was drawn years ago.
There are some spots and folds.
Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
Birds, Ume (Japanese Apricot) and Yanagi (Willow) trees are drawn artistically.
Please note that this scroll is not authenticated by any appraiser.

Price $180
Bird, Ume Yanagi Trees
Gasan, Signature and Seal of Bunkei Hijiya
Gasan, Signature & Seal
Willow Tree (Yanagi)
Birds, Ume (Japanese Apricot) Tree
Flying Bird
Roller End made from Bamboo In Wood Box
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