Ukiyo-e Beautiful Girls, Genre Painting

[ Ukiyo-e Beautiful Girls in Kimono ]
Reference Number SP-20018
" Ukiyo-e Beautiful Girls " Genre Painting
Painter Tsunekata
Signature & Seal Yes
Part of Painting Japanese Paper, 125.5 x 29 cm ( 49.4 x 11.4 inches )
Mounting Silk, 196 x 41.5 cm ( 77.2 x 16.3 inches )
Roller End Material Hard Plastic
Box No Box

This drawing seems to be made in a mixture of woodblock printing and handwriting.
We estimate it was made over 30 years ago.
There are some spots and stains on the drawing part.
Although, the condition of this scroll is not bad.
Japanese beautiful women in Kimono are drawn well.

Price $120
Japanese Beauty in Kimono (Genre Painting)
Signature and Stamps of Tsunekata
Signature & Stamps
Japanese Hanga Woodblock Print
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