Japanese Antique Documents

[ Japanese Antient Text ] Drawn in 1767
Reference Number AR-10175
" Japanese Ancient Text " Drawn in 1767 at Higashimuki Village
Time 1767
Material Japanese Paper
Length 104 centimeters (41 inches)
Box No Box

Japanese antique document written in 1767 at Higashimuki Village of Kai Province in Japan.
The place is now in Sutama-cho of Hokuto-city of Yamanashi Prefecture.
The document is a list of donors for rice for the event.
The document was written by the village head.
Unfortunately, it is stained.
Although, it is interesting material.

Price $98
List of Donors for Rice
Japanese antique Text drawn in 1767
Higashimuki Village in Kai Province (Now Yamanashi Prefecture)
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