Kanji Poem

Kanji Calligraphy
Reference Number SS-70002
" Stay Overnight near the Maple Bridge "
Drawer Kin Ryu Ryo
Signature & Stamp Yes
Part of Drawing Silk, 97 x 43 cm ( 38.1 x 16.9 inch )
Mounting Silk, 178 x 53 cm ( 30.7 x 20.8 inch )
Roller Ends Wood
Wood Box Wooden Box

There are some spots on the drawing, however those are not noticeable.
The condition of this scroll is very good.
The calligrapher is Chinese and also the subject is well-known Chinese poem.
Although, the style of scroll mounting is Japanese style.

Price USD 148
Chinese Poem
In Wooden Box
Signature and Seal
Signature & Seal

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