Kiji Japanese Pheasant in Mountain Stream

Pheasant in Mountain Streams
Reference Number SP-50004
" Pheasant in Mountain Stream "
Painter Suzuki Shukoh (1920 - )
Shukoh was born in Shizuoka Prefecture.
He became a pupil of Seiji Nojima Seiji.
Shukoh was accepted at the Nitten Exhibitions twice.
He also won many other prizes until now.
Signature & Stamp Yes
Part of Painting Japanese Paper, 106 x 36 cm ( 41.7 x 14.1 inch )
Mounting Silk, 182 x 47 cm ( 71.6 x 18.5 inch )
Roller End Material Pottery
Box Both Original Wooden Box & Original Paper Box
Description This scroll is next to brand-new.
The condition of this scroll is very good and the painting is very elegant and tasteful.
You may find small things like spots from the picture below.
But, those are not spots.
Those are gold leaves sprinkled by the painter.
Those gold leaves made this scroll more attractive.
Price $480
Pheasant in Mountain Streams
Signature and Seal of Syukoh Suzuki
Signature & Seal
Pottery Roller End
Roller End
Original Wooden Box and Paper Box

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