Two Deities of Good Fortune & Dragon

Ebisu Gods and Dragon
Reference Number NS-30004
" Ebisu, DaikokuTen Deities and Dragon "
Painter Baisen Morita
Signature & Stamp Yes
Part of Painting Silk, 102 x 42 cm ( 40 x 16.5 inch )
Mounting Silk, 184 x 53 cm ( 72.4 x 20.8 inch )
Roller End Material Wood
Box Both Original Wooden Box & Original Paper Box

The dragon is dropping the grains of rice.
Ebisu Deity and DaikokuTen Deity gather them.
Ebisu and DaikokuTen are the Gods of wealth.
Grains of rice bring them happiness.
This is very lucky scroll.

Price Sold, Thank you !
DragonEbisu Deity and DaikokuTen Deity
Signature and Seal of Baisen
Signature & Seal
In Original Wooden Box and Paper Box
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